Hi, and welcome.  Happy you found this place!

I am Casper.

On this website you will find the content of my Brian.

(Or Brain, as some of you might know him.)

Brian and I create magical charms, art and spaces for you and  those little things you see out of the corner of your eye when walking through the woods.

I myself live out in the woods in Sweden and work mostly fulltime with art. I sculpt and create art with paper, ink,  wood, stones, glass and sometimes even bones.
Most of what I do comes from a place in my Brian filled with a childish, whimsical and magical way to see the world, but as with all things there is also a dark, serious and occult side which is usually more present in most of my art prints.

Hope you find something that speaks to you,
if not - be nice, everything is not for everyone, but I do take comissions if there is an idea you want to get out to physical form in for example wood or ink.

All well!


All of the wood used is locally sourced from my own forest, and sometimes gifted to me.
When it comes to paper prints I try to use unbleached and thick paper when I come by it
(besides being better quality it gives a more warm feeling to
the images).

Everything that is made of wood is dried and handled by me to be durable and prevent cracking, but even though the wood is sealed by laque, wax or sometimes even charring techniques and oils it is still wood and the material can get worn with age.
I always specify what wood is used, how it was sealed and if it can be treated more.
But I recommend love and care, as with all precious things, to make your jewerly, charms or art-pieces last a lifetime.
For example: I do not recommend going for regural swims with the wooden charms,
but one dip in the moonlight won't hurt.

If for any reason the product gets worn down I offer to give it a touch up, in that case just send me an email and we will arrange for your item to be shipped to me for a spa-treatment.
I offer this and the return shipment free of charge, but shipping the item to me will be your own responsibility.


Interested about the differents properties of the wood I use? Here is a small list of my regulars and what they do in their physical form, as well as some fun facts about their occult properties.


Is a very sturdy type of wood. It is very favoured by woodworkers for it soft, easy workable matter that hardens when dried making a durable product.
Birch is in several cultures used for cleaning and protection, it medicinal properties are revitilazing and purifying.

Witch hazel

A softwood that is rarely used in woodworkings since it never properly hardens and remains light weight. I enjoy to work with it however because it lends its shapes very well for small, squiggly creations as well as it occult properties. The magical and medicinal uses of this plant are immense as it is rich in tannins and gallic acid that is anti-inflammatory. In occult cirles it is used to ward off negativity.


Favoured by woodworkers for its durability and visually stunning grain and colours. This material is quite dense both fresh and even more so when dried so it is not very easy to work with. But when done properly it is extremly durable, water and rot resistent. I love working with this wood when possible, but given its traditional meanings I never harvest it myself and rather wait until it comes to me by natural causes or as a gift.
Often depicted as the tree of life it is no surprise that it symbolizes longevity, stability and ultimate universal protection.


Wood that is, somewhat ironically, easy on the eyes, hands and the mind considering its "nervous and shaky" quality in folktales.
It is easy to work with and is very lightweight yet durable, is generally liked by woodworkers.
It is a fast grower which might be why this tree is associated with family, regeneration and rebirth.


Generally good wood that remains light weight when dried. It is favored by woodworkers for different things and has a good durability and is somewhat resistent to rot because of its oils.
I personally love working with this material because of its softness and wonderfull smell.
Traditionally the spruce stands for protection and  its medicinal properties include relief from colds, infections and unease.


Just like the spruce this wood is relativly soft and easy to work with. It is very durable when dried and offers a good resistence to rot because of its oils.
Traditionally the pine can grow very old and is resistant and adabtable, surviving even the harshest of climates.
Medicinally the pine offers relief from cough and colds, as well as healing properties in its sap.
Symbolically the pine offers protection and longevity.


From root, to stem, to berry this is one of my absolute favourite woods to work with. It is soft, but extremly durable when dried. Its oils give it an incredible durability and resistence to rot, and if you ever come across this perticular tree you know it smells absolutely amazing. Not to mention the beautiful pattern and colours it creates.
It can not be harvested in the wild in Sweden as it is protected, but it is allowed if the tree is on your own grounds or has fallen from natural causes, which is why I rarely have this material but accept it whenever it comes to me ethically.
Both symbolic and medicinal properties of this tree is off the charts. The berries are a staple use in my kitchen both for protection and a delicious meal. They are rich in substances that are anti-inflammatory, helps generally with your health, urinal tract and kidneys.. Traditionally the juniper offers you protection and healing, often hung by the entrance to a home it offers removal of negativy and purification of the space it is in.


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